I acquired this subwoofer for my Bose PA system so I had 2 bass units to go with my set of 6 802 Series 2s.

This one was in rough shape, cosmetically, although the original Bose driver was still present and working very well. The top had gathered damp in storage so I had to remove the vinyl. The damp also caused mould/damp on the wood inside. The plastic fascia had also become damaged, when cranked the subwoofer had a lot of air leaks and rattles. I tried to fix it in quite a rudimentary fashion as I got it very cheap but realised it wasn’t going to cut it and needed professional attention.

I took the subwoofer to someone that specialises in woodwork, who stripped the cabinet down, removed any mould/damp after letting it dry out, filled in all the cracks/gaps on the plastic fascia and re-screwed it down and glued it to stop any air leaks. All damage was filled in, and the finish redone with several coats of paint. The Bose logo was also re-applied. To complete the unit, a top hat was added to add support for a pole mount for the top speakers.

I used the pair of them at an event a week or two later at an event and had amazing feedback from the guests/organisers at a charity football event. I used the Bose Panaray Controller and Crown XLS 2502/1502 amplifiers.

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