Home Theater Passion is a website/YouTube channel I have setup to share my passion for installed sound and other related installed sound equipment.

Installed sound is my passion, and I have a lot of specialist interests within it, so I wanted to share all my enjoyment I get from installed sound with the internet!

I complete repair projects on at least a monthly basis, ranging from amplifiers, speakers and even CD players. APart Audio are one of my favourite brands for installed sound, although for professional sound on a low impedance system I prefer JBL products, especially the classic control series.

My passion depends upon restoration projects and older discontinued products. There is a certain sense of reward out of restoring something that is valuable in a working condition, where most people would simply throw it away. The JBL Control series, with the foam surrounds are a prime example for this, likewise are old amplifiers with dry solder joints, rectifiable issues yet most people simply dispose of this quality equipment that is superior to the products on the market today!

If you have any questions related to my interests or the projects I do, please email enquiries@hometheaterpassion.co.uk

Thanks for looking!

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