Saturday, 29 December 2018

The Wharfedale Sound

Wharfedale sound is a British classic. Wharfedale sound is warm, inviting, and easy listening. It does not fatigue your ears after listening for a long period of time, and this is all the more reason they were so well suited for their market.

Wharfedale speakers had a massive huge success in pub installations nationwide due to their classic, unobtrusive form factor. Their sound was detailed, bass heavy, but the effect wasn't over done. This tone really set the atmosphere in a pub environment, which is most likely why they still remain on pub jukebox systems, 100V line pub systems and series/parallel installation systems.

Is it for everyone? No. Some audiophiles would argue the Wharfedale sound is extremely inaccurate. But it is this inaccuracy that makes them so exciting to listen to. Not every speaker has to be accurate, and these were well suited to the installation market with both their physical shape and appearance, alongside their sound.

Wharfedale remains one of my favourite brands. Unfortunately, they are led by the International Audio Group, which is a Chinese based manufacturer of audio projects. This company stupidly licensed the rights to the brand name to the likes of Argos, so they could manufacture cheap deceiving audio products under a high quality name. IAG also have significantly cheapened out the speaker range, and only the top end models are worth purchasing these days.

Overall, Wharfedale is a British classic, it was a huge success in the installation market and for domestic use alike.

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