Friday, 18 May 2018

Acoustic Solutions Instate 70 - Classic Pub Jukebox Speakers!

These are some very special speakers!
These were produced in the same factory as the Wharfedale Programme 30D speakers, and are essentially the same speaker. The drivers are ever so slightly different, and the placement of the crossover/terminals is towards the top rather than in the middle.
However, these were installed in the pubs just like the Wharfedale Programme 30D speakers were, and they do sound very good.
Don't let the Acoustic Solutions name put you off - these have no relation to Argos, Acoustic Solutions were a perfectly acceptable brand until Argos bought their name out in order to replace their production line with cheap crap products to try and make the end consumer believe the products are good because at the time it was a reputable and recognised name.
I scored a pair of these for £40, brand new in the wrapper and in immaculate condition with no marks.
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