Friday, 18 May 2018

3x APart MA200 amplifiers - The best sounding 100V line amps I've ever heard!

I now have two APart MA200 amplifiers running my indoor/outdoor 100V setup.
With them being higher end models, they use a superior output stage in comparison to the lower model MA125. This has resulted in a noticeable increase in sound quality throughout the Wharfedale Programme 30D speakers inside the house. I also scored an MA200CDR from APart, it is esentially the same as the normal MA200, just with a built in CD player and tuner. The amplifier section of this works flawlessly, however., there is a fault with the power supply and/or the CD/tuner unit, as the CD/tuner section is not functional, it simply is dead. However, as this is an extremely rare, flagship and discontinued model, so I am going to send it off for repair despite the expensive costs. Once repaired I will utilise it in the main 100V line setup.

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