Wednesday, 7 February 2018

JBL Control SB5 Subwoofer!

After years of looking, and definitely since I got all my JBL Control 5 speakers, I always wanted this really rare subwoofer.
It is quite special in the sense that it utilises a triple chamber design with 4x 6.5" drivers. It also has an amazing power handling capability, which is perfect because I intend to use it in a system that is regularly turned up quite loudly, for example on a Saturday night.
I installed this sub on 10/02/2018, and it is sounding really good!

Saturday, 3 February 2018

APart MA200 amplifier for outside speaker system

Note: I installed this amplifier on 09/02/2018 and it is now working flawlessly. I carried out some cosmetic restoration the following day and it is now in full service on the system. A video is attached to this post to demonstrate the functionality of the unit, alongside the original blog post below before I actually received the amplifier.
I have decided that I want to run the outside 100 volt speaker line on a different 100 volt amp to that of the inside speaker system.
I am going to achieve this by using an APart MA200 100 volt amplifier rated for 200 watts outside (tapping each Mask 6 at 60 watts, the highest power tap), and then my existing APart MA125 100 volt amplifier solely for the speakers inside the house.
This enables me to tap my Wharfedale Programme 30 speakers inside the house at 30 watts, which will give me a much louder and more powerful sound. Outside, I have also noticed the bass is slightly lacking at lower volumes, so by using a separate amplifier of such a high wattage, I can add more bass to the outside speakers without losing overall power in the entire system because of the additional bass added.
I opted to get an APart MA200 solely because I won it extremely cheap on an eBay auction I found, and because of it's output power, this is important if I wish to tap the Mask 6 so high and if I want to add more bass onto the speakers outside.
The MA125 will remain the main amplifier, and the MA200 will simply connect to the slave amplifier output of the MA125. Both amplifiers will run through the same speaker selector switch, in order to give me central control of all speakers despite utilising multiple amplifiers in the system.
This change to the system is going to be made next week, the next change will be adding an additional Mask 6 outside in the hedge hidden away, and then I intend to install higher powered transformers in the Wharfedale speakers so I can benefit from the extra amplifier power I will have to play with.

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