Saturday, 20 January 2018

APart Mask 6 crossover modification

Although the Mask 6 is a very well built loudspeaker with good quality drivers, it doesn't sound particularly amazing, especially in comparison to the lower model Mask 4 model. It actually sounds worse, and it is because of the crossover.
The stock crossover gives the woofer a full range signal, which results in nasty peaks around 3-4K which makes the very dull and dead sounding mid range sound. The tweeter takes over at 6K on a capacitor.
However, as the woofer is hopeless at reproducing 4K without sounding terrible, I have modified the crossover so the woofer does not play any treble at all rather than it getting a full range signal.
I have done this by adding a 0.39mh inductor in series with the woofer, which will cut out the woofer at around 4K. There then will be a gap between 4K and 6K which will make the speaker sound dead because of this, so what I then did, is I changed the capacitor for the tweeter so it takes over at 4K, with the hope of removing the awful dead mid range sound it has currently. This was done by using a 4.7uF capacitor.
These modifications have definitely made a difference in the speaker.
The speaker did have an inductor in the crossover, although this is not for the woofer, it was something to do with phase matching between the tweeter and the woofer.

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