Tuesday, 31 October 2017

JBL Control 5 Restoration Project #3 - Part 1: Ordered in

I have another project now. Now, I have two Control 5s to do again. They just need a woofer refoam. They are in much better condition than the last pair I did. These have been sourced via Gumtree, not eBay. I have to look further afield now in order to find these as they become rarer and rarer and people become more pissed off with eBay by the day (including me) due to excessive fees.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Amplifier upgrade!

My other setup that is a 2 channel stereo setup is now going to get some good upgrades.
It currently sports a 50 watts per channel amplifier from 1989, this then drives a speaker selector that manages the zones in my indoor/outdoor sound system/background music system.
Let me tell you though, 50 watts is no where near enough. Well today, I ordered the Sony STR-DB930, which should have plenty of power to do what I want to do to get lots of power throught the system, and give my Control 5s the justice they deserve.
I should receive it late this week or possibly early next week.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

JBL Control 5 Restoration Project #2 - Part 5: Refoam/2 out of 3 repaired

Today I refoamed two of the speakers, the ones that had working tweeters. They have now replaced my Control 1 Pro speakers which will become now rears on my other setup. They sound absolutely incredible and look great also.
The other one will get done later this month when the new tweeter diaphragm is installed.

Wharfedale Diamond 6R Upgrade Project

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