Wednesday, 26 July 2017

JBL Control 1 Restoration Project (Sold off)

I have always been a huge fan of the JBL Control 1 speakers. What gets me is their original stunning looks, and the pure sound that these can produce for their size, it's simply outstanding. As a repair project while I have not been busy I decided to buy in pairs of these speakers which needed a bit of cleaning up, and refoaming. These speakers use foam surrounds, which rot after around 15-18 years of continuous use. Replacement kits are not too extortionate in terms of price, considering the price of a not so good consumer pair brand new. So far in this project I have refoamed a pair of JBL Control 1Xtremes. These were really interesting to do, as unlike any other variant of the Control 1 speakers, they have a horn type design inside which means that their bass response is better than other Control 1 models, making it a superior choice if a high bass output is required, but in a small form factor. Onto the original Control 1 pair though, they didn't need much TLC at all really, just a clean up and a repair from whoever had these before me. Basically, when I got them they had holes drilled in the back of each speaker using some kind of third party bracket. Yeah, I wasn't best pleased as this damages the speaker and the brackets that these should actually have used do not require any drilling at all. I used some PVA glue which set clear to fill in these holes to prevent any air leaks which would make the speaker have a farty type sound. One of these original Control 1 speakers is also missing a grille, but this will be replaced in time as I have got a supplier with 1 spare original JBL Control 1 grille, and as soon as they get back from a holiday in August, I'll be quick to order that part.
Rotted foam surrounds.
Original Control 1 pair covered in pure dirt and dust. Yeah, a bit grim.

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